Logo & Corporate identity developmentLogo & Corporate identity developmentLogo & Corporate identity development

Complete visual 'packaging' of your company for maximum recognition and brand development.
  • Durationof 5 days or more
  • Costfrom $200


We implement

Logo development
Will elevate your company to a higher level, set you apart from competitors, and enhance recognition among clients. This is the first step in creating a visual brand identity.
Designing promotional materials and printed materials to fit the same style
Will emphasize the uniqueness, status, and value of your company, creating visual harmony for a successful brand building.
Developing a corporate style for your company
Will make it easy for even the smallest branding elements such as a slogan, brand phrases, colors, fonts, and graphic elements to stick in the customer's memory and accurately convey the mood, character, and emotions of your brand.

Work process


Gathering information and forming a project brief.


Studying the source materials and conducting a detailed analysis of the market competitors.

Mood board

Collecting references to better understand the overall style of the future project based on the gathered information.


Generating and implementing ideas.


Presenting the work and obtaining approval of the final result.

File transfer

Transferring the client the order files and all the rights to the future use.

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